Vacant lot in Alameda Oeste, desirable residential area, Santo Domingo

US $ 299,500.00 US $ 195,000.00

0.5 acres of vacant land ideal for residential use due to its location in a highly surveilled residential area named Residencial Alameda Oeste, next to Prolongacion 27 de Febrero Highway and close to other commercial properties and industries. Prolongacion 27 de Fbrero Highway is an extension of one of the major highways in Santo Domingo, capital of the Dominican Republic. 


  • Address At the corner of the Streets Palma Real and Paseo de Los Cocos, Residencial Alameda, West Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo province
  • PriceUS $ 299,500.00 US $ 195,000.00
  • Type Vacant land
  • Area in square meters 2,033.52
  • LocationSanto Domingo
  • Cadastral Designation

    Lot 115-A-REF-547, Cadastral District 10, National District, with an approximate area of 2,033.52 square meters